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Will you be ready?



Where are you?

I have been living in our neighborhood now for more than a year yet it was only last Friday that I discovered a charming comic book shop a couple of blocks away from where I live.  But before that, a new graphic novel caught my attention which was probably why I was frantically searching for a comic shop that carries this.  Yes, aside from The Walking Dead, i am a fan of other-worldly creatures that scare the living daylights out of poor human beings.  Let me re-phrase that, I am a fan of storylines wherein poor human beings try to bash the other-worldly creatures into non-existence.  So this new fave of mine, Severed, just came out recently and turned out to be a hit.  The storyline is great and the illustration is even greater.  I guess it was really a hit that I can not find Issue #1!

Here’s a glimpse of the horror that is Severed…


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a big fan of The Walking Dead and today is a ‘happy’ day for me as I just got Book 7!  Yeah, call me shallow for getting excited over this:) I shouldn’t really be spending money on these things these days as I just got my winter tires (ugh!) but as I always say (and which I frequently use to justify my actions)….life is short;)


I have always been a fan of zombie movies (or anything similar to that) no matter how lame some of them are.  I don’t know why, to think that I’m terrified of them even if they are just a figment of someone’s imagination (or aren’t they?!).  The Resident Evil series is high up on my list of favorites (looooove Milla Jovovich!).  But last year, I learned about this new tv series called “The Walking Dead”.  It was based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman. Too bad I don’t have AMC, so I had to watch it online.  I became an instant fan just after the first episode!  You’ve got to see it to find out why;)  There were just six episodes for Season 1 so I was a little disappointed.  I had to get my zombie fix so I looked for the comic version.  I was glad that I found them and I got the hardcover (12-issue collections) versions,  all six of them!  Now, I’m looking forward to a couple of things:  Season 2 of the tv show and Book 7!  They are both supposed to be released sometime in October.  So, goodluck Rick Grimes decapitating some zombie heads off!  So, where’s the life lesson if you’re curious!  “All work and no play makes one person a zombie!”  Makes sense?  Well, why does everything have to make sense?!