photos, thoughts and what-nots…..


What an interesting Friday night!  You see, I’ve been thinking of doing a shoot like this for some time now.  Since this night is ‘mild’ (4 degrees C), I decided to go out and just do it!  So, away I went and look for a vantage point but at soon as I got to the first bridge near where I live, there was a sign that say  something like “pedestrians not allowed beyond this point”.  Since I did not want  to end up being handcuffed and hauled to the police station (ok, that may be a tad exaggerating), I just left and look for another spot.  After maybe half an hour or so, I finally found a place to do this shoot.  What I forgot was that I am not a big fan of heights!  Add to that the fact that there are fast moving vehicle just below me!!  Anyway, I was not going to waste my ‘trip’ so I still proceeded with the shoot.  I am still not a 100% happy how the photo turned out but as some people say, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” or something to that effect:)


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