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Nuit Blanche ’11

A celebration of contemporary art took over the streets of Toronto from sunset on Saturday, Oct. 1st, till sunrise on Sunday! I’ve been meaning to attend this event for the past couple of years but I never got a chance until now.  It didn’t matter if I was dead-tired from work for the last few days and it also didn’t matter that it was a chilly night, I just had to go this time!  There was also an array of food during the night:  hotdogs, grilled corn on a cob, pulled pork sandwiches and lots more but what I really enjoyed was something new to me. It’s a Malaysian street food they call murtabak, it’s like a pancake stuffed with minced meat and veggies with curry flavor and then pan-fried right in front of you.  I’ve got to find a resto that has this;)  It was indeed a night to remember, from things that make you go hmmmm, to things that make you go wow!

One of the street artists performing to the tune of some indie music.  My neck hurts just looking at her.

Flight Path Toronto is an installation at the Nathan Phillips Square.  “The swarms of flying people demonstrate the pleasures of  emissionless urban mobility and creates a shared memory of a possible future.” That’s like the official statement from the Nuit Blanche brochure (*scratches head*).  And I thought this is just another zip-lining event;)


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