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Yummo poutine-o!

I am not a big fan of downtown driving so when I went to ROM, which was my original destination, and got hungry I decided just to leave the car and walk towards the food that I’ve been longing to eat since last week.  After walking for about 6 kilometers around downtown Toronto (the first store was still closed!), I was finally able to lay my eyes and hands on one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, my triple pork poutine:) Poutine, as some of you may not know, is fries with gravy and cheese curds.  But this is like taking poutine to another level as this store came up with different kind of toppings that foodies, not just meatatarians, will definitely enjoy!  My triple pork poutine consists of pulled pork, sausage and bacon.  It was just delish!  With a combination of a tiring walk and a heavy lunch, I couldn’t muster enough energy to go back to ROM by walking.  So, hail a cab I did;)  Anyhoo, all I could say after is that the long walk was totally worth it…..burpppp!


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