photos, thoughts and what-nots…..

Eye don’t care;)

Last Friday, I’ve  got a pink eye ergo can’t work (well, I did go to work but was sent home!). It turned out to be a wonderful day though as I headed to the beach around noon.  Few people and vast space so I know for sure that I didn’t infect anyone.  Armed with a folding chair, my iPhone, a book, an iced capp, and a bagel, I set myself up in one shady corner. But guess what, I didn’t even get a chance to turn one page of my book (sorry Lost Symbol, your day will come!).  I guess I was just really enjoying the quietness, the stillness and most likely the shift in scenery.  This was one of the few days that I didn’t have to think about serious stuff (work, life, etc.)….just sitting, looking around….loving every moment! Lots of people have been kept very busy with everyday’s comings and goings….”go to work, pay the bills, run errands….run some more errands….wheeeeew!”.  From time to time, it would be nice to put a halt to all these.  I know people would tell me, that’s what the weekends are for!  But still, one day that I thought was bad turned out to be good after all;)


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