photos, thoughts and what-nots…..

What lies ahead?

We can’t really tell what the future has in store for us, can we?  Much like the photo here, we won’t know what’s on the other side unless we traverse and see for ourselves what kind of surprise awaits us.  By the way, this is the suspension bridge at the Scenic Caves in Collingwood, Ontario.  It’s beautiful when you see this bridge in person, I just muddied it up a bit. Anyway…..a couple of my co-workers left the company (one after the other in a short span!) that I am working for and they are not just moving to another company here in Toronto.  They will be working overseas, thousands of miles away from here!  Along with their excitement comes the anxiety of not knowing for sure what this change will bring them.  As far as I’m concerned, just the experience that they will get, will be something worthwhile.  Though I am saddened that they have left, I am at the same time proud and sincerely happy for them that they are following their hearts’ desires.  I guess it’s just fitting to say that they have indeed taken a big challenge to see what lies ahead!


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